Gastonia’s Vet Takes Sister’s Kidney To Compete At Transplant Games – Gaston Gazette | WHs Answers

Gastonia vet Jim Gill is looking to take his second chance at life by attending the 2022 Transplant Games of America in San Diego later this month.

The Transplant Games of America, taking place July 29-3 8, is a national sports and recreational competition whose athletes have received life-saving transplants.

dr Jim Gill of Wilkinson Animal Hospital received a kidney transplant in December 2003 after being diagnosed with nephropathy, a kidney disease that inhibits the kidney’s ability to filter waste from the body. After his diagnosis, he underwent dialysis procedures to filter his blood until he could find a donor. His younger sister Carole offered to be his living donor.

“She’s an absolute hero,” Gill said of his sister.

Gill has been practicing for these games for months. At age 66, he will join nearly a dozen North Carolina transplant athletes in competitive swimming. He is a gold medalist and record holder at the 2006, 2008 and 2018 US Transplant Games and the 2009 and 2019 World Transplant Games.

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