The Falls artistic swimming team placed 2nd in the Jr. Olympics – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | WHs Answers

Menomonee Falls High School’s baseball and boys’ basketball teams both went to the state this year. But the Menomonee Falls-based Dolphinettes, a subsidiary of Menomonee Falls’ recreational division, also made a big splash this season.

For the first time, girls in the 16-19 age group placed second in the free artistic swimming team competition, formerly called synchronized swimming, at the Junior Olympiads. The free team competition uses creative and artistic choreographies.

The competition took place from June 25th to July 2nd in Gainsville, Florida.

The team also placed third as Tech Team, the artistic swimming competition that relies on technical ability; Seventh in the free competition, another competition that relies on creative choreography; and 12th in a duet with the artistic swimmers Johanna Luo and Grace Xue.

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