Neighborhood Association Keeps Lake Singletary Clean and Beautiful – Millbury-Sutton Chronicle | WHs Answers

SUTTON – Paul Kawolis knows every inch of Lake Singletary.

There are neighbors – and memories – at every cove, nook and cranny, on the shore and just beyond the trees.

He has lived on the 330-acre lake since 1999, but his memories go back even further. Originally from Millbury, Kawolis learned to swim here. He and some of his Millbury High buddies call the lake home.

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So are many other friends and neighbors with connections ranging from the UMass Memorial to Papa Gino’s.

The owner of this lakefront home chose to adapt the home to the boat below left from the 1970's.

Most of these friends and neighbors, along with Kawolis, are members of the Lake Singletary Watershed Association, a private group of homeowners and recreational users that helps maintain the quality of the lake.

They do not own the lake (it is managed by the state Department of Fisheries and Wildlife), nor are they the enforcers of the rules.

“We are not an enforcement agency,” he said.

The main purpose of the association – to keep the lake clean, control weeds and promote safety.

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