Leland Charter School Appeals Dress Code to Supreme Court – StarNewsOnline.com | WHs Answers

A lawsuit over a local charter school’s dress code could soon be in the hands of the US Supreme Court.

Roger Bacon Academy announced in its summer newsletter to parents that it will appeal a decision that its dress code violates Title IX to the Supreme Court after its Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor.

“While the majority decision itself is troubling — and wrong and wrong, in our opinion — the potential consequence explained in the dissent is even more troubling,” the school’s owner, Baker Mitchell, wrote in the June 27 newsletter.

In 2016, families of three students filed a lawsuit against one of Mitchell’s schools, Charter Day School in Leland, over its dress code, which requires female students to wear skirts.

The families said the dress code discriminates against girls because wearing a skirt is more uncomfortable than wearing pants and makes it difficult to participate in some school activities.

After several verdicts, which were later appealed, a full panel of the US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the families. In June, the court ruled 10-6 that the dress code violates Title IX, a federal law protecting students in public schools from gender discrimination.

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