South Dakota family reunites Texas kids with missing pet turtle – Argus Leader | WHs Answers

LENNOX — Two Texas siblings count their blessings after a South Dakota family found their runaway turtle.

Scoot is a 12-year-old desert box turtle owned by Charis Knobloch, 9, and Malick Knobloch, 5, from El Paso, Texas. She came to the family with the singular oddity of missing a foot on one of her legs, but still managed to wriggle away from an outdoor enclosure on June 30 while the family was staying with her grandmother in Lennox.

In the summer, the Knoblochs move to Lennox to escape the brutal Texas heat. They stay with relatives who live in town before returning to El Paso just before school starts.

But Scoot was kept in an outdoor cage during their stay. A chain link fence surrounds an empty kennel, and thick metal cylinders lining the bottom of the cage prevent anything a little smaller than a turtle from sneaking underneath – in most cases.

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Scoot, a desert box turtle owned by a Texas family, is held for a photo Tuesday, July 19, 2022.  The reptile escaped from its enclosure on June 30 while the family was vacationing in Lennox and was reunited with its owners via social media before it went missing for two weeks.

“This turtle, it’s super shaky so it can move. We weren’t sure when it came out or which direction it went in,” said Sharita Knobloch, the siblings’ mother. “Although turtles have a reputation for being slow, they can cover a good distance in a short amount of time.”

Sometime on June 30, Scoot somehow slipped under the hose or otherwise found a way to emancipate herself from her summer home.

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