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You humans need to have more respect for yourselves. Not for me of course, no, I can do it. “Oh, there’s a stupid new sexy anime coming out this season! We all had fun watching Steve’s review World’s End Harem, I understand. But I’m also able to look at the user rating results here and see that a non-zero number of viewers actually don’t give a shit Harem in the labyrinth of another world, and it’s like…really? Because I have to start my critique of this show by being brutally honest with you: As a targeted medium, it’s been a while since I’ve watched anything with as much contempt for its putative audience as this show.

From these first three episodes Harem Maze Sees you, the audience, apparently the same way the story’s inciting slaver sees the main character, whose name I keep having to google: A dork, a brand, a human resource ripe for siphoning off time and metrics with a togetherness business plan. It was about time you got an anime like my lover How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord, another series with “Slave Harem” right there in the Japanese title, mind you, and this oaf would be enslaving fantasy anime ladies right at the start of the show. But now we seem to have progressed and arrived at exploitatively structured entertainment practices Harem Maze somehow remember to apply Netflix pacing to a purely pornographic premise!

This is a show where one of the most heavily advertised features was that there wouldn’t be two, there would be three different versions of it, depicting descending levels of censorship. The cruel trick then played on the audience is that these first three episodes have hardly anything worth censoring! I imagine the poor devils who went to the trouble of downloading the “uncut” version of the second episode, only to have virtually no difference in the content of their red-hot stat-management action. It almost feels like they’re doing a little specifically and screwing with the old “buy our Blu-rays” censorship sales strategy. Except that they also count on you to inflate their streaming numbers by tumbling through the whole dredged setup of these first three episodes to see undercover versions of some sexy anime girl pans where you just go and the uncut ones You could find seams -pictures from somewhere on a ‘booru together and save you a lot of time.

But okay, for all the parts of these episodes that don’t have sex slaves on screen, what is astonishing frequently, about what we can evaluate Harem Maze? It’s, as everyone knows by now, the most boring, screwed-up Isekai setup imaginable. Our cipher of a future slave owner…*Google*… Michio doesn’t even have the decency to amuse us by getting run over by a truck in the beginning, he seemingly just got caught up in this maybe VR environment by signing up for the worst terms of service imaginable, without them read properly beforehand. He also does what drives me nuts with many Isekai protags, where there is absolutely no regard for the life and potential loved ones left behind when teleported in adventure seeking. Michio feels a brief moment of panic as he realizes his compulsion, but then he just sort of shrugs and decides to keep playing anyway, never mentioning family, friends, or anything at all. Even if his life was so unfulfilling and miserable that he didn’t mind giving it up, at least wiser writing would to name this to inform his motivation to continue in this world. But instead he just moves on with little explanation, content that the audience he serves as proxy for is miserable enough to imagine having to do the same.

That’s the biggest irony of Michio’s place in the story at this point, that he actually feels like he has as little influence on the plot as these handsome collared comrades he’s about to collect. Just surviving in the fantasy world here doesn’t give him much trouble with his overpowered magic sword and stat-boosting job classes, so the driving goal he achieves after the slaver is “Save enough money to to buy a sex slave”. marched in front of him, which he assumed because… he basically had nothing better to do? The show fails to utilize even the few actual elements of his personality they’ve allotted him so far. An early scene indicates that Michio earned the thief class for slipping on someone else’s sandals, before a later explanation clarifies that people in this world are commonly sold into the slave trade as punishment for theft. But so far any use of what should be an obvious thematic continuity has gone unnoticed. Michio’s acquisition of Thief abilities is just another in his heap of mandatory cool Isekai powers, rather than anything that might cement his sympathy or connection to Roxanne and her station. For her part, Roxanne has virtually no detailed information about her personality or situation, although she exists as the proverbial fireworks factory, which our hero just barely gets to at the end of the third episode.

That’s the point I’m trying to make so that you all get taken for a ride with these opening episodes. There’s really no content here to get you going unless careful spreadsheeting is your particular kink. Which, hey, isn’t a shame, but there are so many better options out there. So I’m a spider, so what? has the over-detailed dungeon lore and combat logistics element covered with more interesting combat and entertaining Aoi Yuuki narration during the like BOFURI you can watch a character ride butt first into situationally overwhelmed level-ups with far more character and context driving them. You absolutely don’t have to submit to a subdued YouTuber for the first time Morrowind Play through with the unlikely chance that he might eventually play his dog-wife’s Dobonhonkeros. Were the books like that? Just pages of number-crunching plot filling the length for readers to skim to get to the right illustrations and steamier sections of text?

It’s not like Harem Maze is without ideas and potential. The writing teases a little with the idea that our languid cipher of a track understands the complexities of morality beyond what are “laws” and “customs” of a world at play. But then they can barely show him struggling with his calculated murder of a few bandits before he sleeps off any alleged guilt and sets out to pay the sex slave he abandoned. There’s also the second episode’s fundamentally bizarre opening flash-forward to a “potential future” in which Michio apparently fathered a child with one of the starter town’s villagers, only to return nine years later with his motley collection of forced wives and the child giving a sword instead of actual parenthood. I was puzzled initially from that segment, but towards the end of the third episode I asked to have it back simply because it was the only part of the show that had shown any real long-term ambitions so far. A sort of genuine wistfulness might feel annoyingly out of place in an it-driven sex slave fantasy, but at least it held my attention better than the endless scenes of Michio flipping through menus.

That’s the ultimate joke in review Harem Maze here. I can say that there is just enough investment in this show that I can’t just write it off as fodder for purely joke reviews. And as episode-based as these descriptions will be, I have to pay attention to this incremental basis and evaluate the plot steps. They all have the benefit, as in all bad porn, that you can just fast-forward to the parts you’re really here for (which again are vanishingly few in over an hour of TV here). , but I have to go through that all thing, so I could at least ask that it be so Interesting. The theme of the credits for this thing is an upbeat slaver rap number about the privileged pleasures of possessing another human being for sexual purposes, which would normally garner a scolding on the basis of questions of taste. But instead, I’m calling this retailer out for false advertising, as there’s nothing quite as lively or outrageous on the show itself yet. The only reason I’ve had so much to say about this show is because there’s already so much it absolutely hasn’t done.


Harem in the labyrinth of another world is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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