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astronomer just received a major patch for Switch, also known as the “Rails” update.

Once installed, players can access the new Rails system. This offers a new mode of transport “that excels in efficiency and comfort”. Aside from everything related to it, System Era Software has implemented quality of life improvements and more.

The full patch notes for the Astroneer “Rails” update (version are as follows:

rail vehicles
The catalog has been updated with two new vehicles built specifically for the rail system. Rail vehicles can be used individually or linked to form trains of up to six cars. Just make sure you have enough power to run them. Each vehicle in a train increases its power consumption!

rail vehicles
Basic rail vehicle with medium storage space. Slower than locomotives, but can be chained in either direction.

  • Printed on: Medium printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Resin, 1 Aluminum
  • Byte Cost: 1500
  • Power drain: 1 power per second

rail motors
Specialized rail vehicle for passenger transport and faster trains. Offers a built-in seat, 2x small auxiliary slots and a headlight. Can only be placed on the front or back of a train.

  • Printed on: Medium printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Resin, 1 Aluminum, 1 Copper
  • Byte Cost: 1000
  • Power consumption: 3 power per second

railway items
Your new rail vehicles won’t be of much use without rails to ride on! Luckily, the catalog has also been updated with a range of railway items for building the railway network of your dreams.

Railing Posts (Standard & High)
The backbone of every railway line. Like tethers, they automatically chain together when dropped. And don’t worry if you left your platoon at the base; The next train can be called at any station at any time!

  • Printed on: small printer
  • Resource Cost: 1 Resin, 1 Aluminum
  • Byte Cost: 750
  • Number of packages: 10

railway junction
Rail Junctions divide railway lines in two and form a 3-way connection.

  • Printed on: Medium printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Aluminum
  • Byte Cost: 1000
  • Number of packages: 5

train station
The Rail Station offers powerful automation tools to support advanced rail logistics, including automated train loading and unloading.

  • Printed on: Large printer
  • Resource Cost: 2 Titanium, 1 Copper, 1 Quartz

Updates and additions have been made to existing automation systems to take advantage of the Rails system.

Railway items as sensors
Train posts and stations are equipped with reaction slots that activate in response to rolling stock.

Pin slots for railroad items
Rail Junctions feature a pin slot for each of their three connectors, giving you precise control over when each is active.

Train Station Pin Slots
Stations are equipped with pin slots that move a docked train in the desired direction.

  • Storage sensors and rail vehicles
    When placed on a rail vehicle, the bearing sensor monitors the bearing condition throughout the train.
  • Adventure Mode Story + Missions
    New missions have been added mid-game, sending players on a path of logistical investigation and exploration. Journey to the frozen wastes of Glacio, the mysterious caves of Calidor, and the whimsical depths of Sylva to learn more about the importance of railroads in EXO Dynamics. Along the way, players will discover new characters who have uncovered a mystery that may have greater implications for Astroneers’ overall mission.

    (players who “speaking tungsten” automatically gets the new starter mission “deep ditch“.)

Quality of life improvements

  • Rover tooltips now show train length status
  • The VTOL now correctly responds to local gravity zones
  • All data logs now track seen/unseen entries per player
  • Bundleable items no longer snap to the backpack when held, making it easier to place them near the character
  • Item bundles in the backpack’s extra compartments are automatically refilled from bundles of the same type in the backpack
  • Improved the camera to better handle tight spaces without taking away zoom controls from the player

New SKU: Starter Pack!

We’re introducing a new bundle available to all players as a one-time purchase.


  • 750 Qbits
  • Starter pack suit
  • Starter Bundle Palette

Store – New items available now!

New hats

  • Fast thinking
  • exhaust port

New mask

New pallets

  • rivets
  • mother of pearl

EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol

The automated mass production protocol returns! Astroneers are asked to create large amounts of valuable resource nuggets, which they can send via the EXO request platform in exchange for useful goodies and stylish customizations.

EXO Dynamics changed resource requirements this year and updated their transfer rocket to accept one of the following resources for different points (per nugget):

  • 1 pointconnection
  • 3 pointsaluminum
  • 5 pointstungsten carbide
  • 15 pointsNano carbon alloy

All Astroneers present receive points when a rocket is launched – cooperation is encouraged for efficiency!

EXO Dynamics rewards contributions with:

  • 160 points AMPP Throwback Pack
    Contains award-winning cosmetics from the previous year:
  • “Gear” (mask)
  • “Copperplate” (palette)
  • 480 points NEW Dot Com Palette
  • 960 points NEW “Thoughtful” emote
  • 1920 pointsNEW Forge Ahead mask
  • Useful incremental rewards along the way and random recurring rewards at the end of the event – including QT RTGs, EXO chips and useful resources!

Tether topper
Tether posts have been updated to get your automation spirit going – log in to experience these temporary decorations that are sure to turn heads!


The following is still a known issue since version

  • AS-17846 U25 | Rails | Dedicated Server – Rail Anchors can be attached to some facilities and end up bundled underground in the facility
  • AS-17954 U25 | Rails | DS – The player is able to stack multiple cars in the same Rails Station slot
  • AS-17911 Rails | Multiplayer | Caravans are often in the wrong place or invisible from the customer’s perspective upon joining and rejoining

The following bugs have been fixed from version


  • AS-17772 Article Documents | Power meters on Item Pads cable slots are no longer broken
  • AS-17748 Packager | Proximity Repeater | Placing multiple wrappers on a single item no longer causes the item to be duplicated in that number of wrappers when activated by a proximity repeater
  • AS-17485 Camera | There is no longer any odd behavior with the camera’s maximum zoom distance when exiting tight spaces and loading saves
  • AS-17736 2022 Automation LTE | Players will now receive a shard upon reaching 280 points if they had a medium resource canister installed in the T2 slot at launch
  • AS-16983 Introductory Movie | The intro cinematic no longer repeats when a new player exits their new session to the main menu before the persistentplayerdata file is created
  • AS-15876 Atmospheric Condenser | Output Slot | Players and AutoArms can no longer place resources into the Atmospheric Condenser, causing it to stop functioning.
  • AS-9497 Atmospheric Condenser | train station | When using an atmospheric condenser on the Gateway station, the condenser no longer shows white squares
  • AS-8700 Small Solar Panels will no longer become disconnected when flying between planets with them.
  • AS-17391 Oven Exit Slot | Players/AutoArms can no longer place resources in the furnace exit and cause it to stop working.
  • AS-15697 VTOL now correctly changes orientation in the different gravity volumes in and around the gateway engines


  • AS-9458 key assignment | User Interface | Semicolon and backquote are no longer missing without glyphs in tooltips, tutorial prompts, and Astropedia icons
  • AS-8951 Controller | Floor centrifuge’s proximity tooltip is now shown from different angles


  • AS-17876 Achievements | Localization | The trophy text for “Encountering the Infinite” no longer has a typo in Japanese
  • AS-17758 localization | Several T1 storage items are now correctly translated into Chinese


  • AS-11273 Multiplayer | Clients are now unable to deploy extenders via AUX slots
  • AS-7441 Multiplayer | Gateways | The client no longer dies unexpectedly when climbing in a locked chamber of power puzzle pillars

All Switch players can now access the new Astroneer “Rails” update (version for free.

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