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Eyeliner has always been a key component of a makeup look—especially since masks became part of the uniform. But the best eyeliner looks take a little time, effort, and skill. A colored liner stands out from the crowd, while the classic winged liner is all over TikTok. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 24 effortlessly cool eyeliner looks to road test if you fancy making your eyes the star of the show.

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cool blue

Dark blue speaks volumes while still feeling somewhat neutral. Try a sash—or once you’ve mastered that, add a thin line along your crease for a bold look like Jodie Turner-Smith.


coral fracture

You don’t have to create a full line to score a punch. Stick to bold colors like Khloé Kardashian’s coral and draw a small line on your crease, ending at your pupil. For a softer effect, buff the line with a similarly colored eyeshadow.


Cult Classic

When in doubt, choose a plain black wing like Sydney Sweeney’s. Use a felt tip pen so you can easily adjust the thickness depending on how much pressure you are applying.


Rainbow Eyes

Why choose one color when you can showcase a range of shades? Try a rainbow of colors as shown here, or opt for different shades of a single color. Cover the liner with a matching shade to add vibrancy and durability.


Back to Mod

Get ’60s in style with this winged liner featuring Olivia Rodrigo’s graphic that’s simpler than it looks. The trick to the perfect dot: Use a precision liner and a pointed Q-tip for the (inevitable) cleaning.


Frosted tips

Channel the ’90s with an icy blue eyeliner that squints into the decade without turning into a full matte blue eyeshadow. To bring out the blue, apply a black liner on your upper waterline and a soft pink shadow on your lid.


smoke show

Follow Emily Ratajkowski’s example and go for the modern smoky eye: Blend a wing-shaped liner along your upper and lower lash lines for dramatic effect.


Straight to the point

This runway eyeliner look from Charlotte Tilbury’s Fall Winter 2022 Christian Siriano show is a hit matrix vibrations. Makeup artist Sofia Tilbury added this cornflower blue shade (a mix of Eye Color Magic Liner Duo in Super Blue and concealer) on the lid just below the crease, finishing with a touch of black eyeliner for the perfect contrast.



We said it once, we’ll say it again: euphoria Eyes are all the rage now. An easy way to jump into the trend is to add a few gems at the outer corner of your eyes to complement a simple black sash.


neon lights

Emma Chamberlain’s Met Gala 2021 liner was arguably the main draw of her look that night. A hint of neon in the middle of the lash line and at the inner corner of the eye makes a black smoky eye shine.


Fast movie

Looking for an everyday eye makeup look? Look no further. This soft baby wing is ready in a few seconds. The key is not to be too fancy: Quickly sweep your pencil up and follow your lower lash line for an effortless wing.


Emerald green eyes

Emerald green makes the eyes shine and is the perfect transition tone from summer to autumn. This metallic halo eye version is too beautiful not to recreate.


Paint the city

Accentuate your eye shape with neon liner in the inner corner of your eye. The light color brings focus to your eyes and makes you look more awake.


smut girl

Zoë Kravitz is the ultimate cool girl, and this look embodies that. To mimic, smudge an eyeliner with a brush—or use your finger for a livelier effect—and finish by lining your upper and lower waterlines. To prevent your look from bleeding, add a black shadow on top.


Comeback of the waterline

Bottom liner is making a comeback (we can thank tastemakers like Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o) but in a colorful way. Just a dash with a light line can make an impact.


Reverse liner

Reverse eyeliner isn’t just for Coachella. To even out that smudged, smoky bottom, keep the upper lash line clean with just a touch of mascara.


Shimmering shades

Bold color mixed with shine feels fresh. Apply a glitter shadow all over your lid to the browbone and line with a colored liner. Try the same shade as the sparkly shade for a monochromatic look.


shadow liner

If you prefer more moody looks, buff your eyeliner so it appears softer than a hard line. Try a gel liner, which has more time to work than liquid or kohl textures, says celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.


In between

An easy way to incorporate color into an eye look? Put light color between two strips of black eyeliner. Buff up the edges with a beige shadow for an effortless look.


sunset colors

Layering two light shades might not be the first look that comes to mind, but the contrast packs a punch. If a colored eyelid with a different colored liner feels too much, try peeling out the formula by applying it on top of a gloss.


In the air

Floating liner still hits the road, in every shade under the sun. We like the look in white, it looks elegant and a little more unexpected.


Tight line white

Speaking of white liner, a little bit in your lower waterline can make the biggest difference when you’re trying to fake eight hours of sleep.


golden glow

A gold metallic eye and brown liner are a match made in heaven. Use a brown shadow to soften the line in the outer third of the eye to draw a wing. A cotton swab and a little micellar water make cleaning the wing a breeze.

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