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ONLY BECAUSE When the sun is beating down, your style doesn’t have to suffer. Heat-fighting technology has taken it to the next level, creating a whole new class of clothing that is redefining what it means to look cool. Andreas Koji, fast train‘s rising action star proves it.


Get to know your new summer uniform. banana republic Technical trousers look like chinos, but are water-repellent and breathable, with built-in stretch. Carry them with you Good life‘s sleek, lighter-than-air Henley. This outfit looks good anywhere: in the office, on outdoor dates, in bungalows over the water (one can dream) or wherever summer takes you.


Old-school camp shirts were billowing shirts made for post-retirement lounging. Fair Harbors Casablanca Top fixes all of that. Its cut is slim like a summer shirt, yet lightweight for hot days by the pool. Its UPF 30 fabric helps fight sunburn.

Andrew Koji wears Fair Harbo camp shirt


Summer trips across the country call for comfortable clothing that still looks neat. Enter Buck Mason‘s cotton polo shirt that has the shrunken feel of your favorite sweatshirt, while its suede finish keeps it looking smart. Pair it with Everlane‘s moisture-wicking travel chinos to take you from pavement to resort without losing a second of relaxation.

Andrew Koji wears summer clothes


Todd Snyder‘s tipped tank top is perfect for gun show weather thanks to its slim but not huggable fit so you can wear it to the park or to the beach. Customize it with these land end Shorts with UPF 50 sun protection and a little stretch for swimming and running.

Andrew Koji wears the best clothes of the summer


A polo and pants combo is the ultimate summer Friday look. PoloRalph Lauren upgrades it with an extra-stretchy, breathable fabric that feels like a second skin, so you can go straight from the office to the BBQ without wrinkles or sweat.

Andrew Koji wears the best summer clothes

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