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Brent Faiyaz directors and business partners Ty Baisden, who first spotted Brent in 2014 when the young indie R&B crooner was working as a sandwich maker at Harris Teeter’s deli in Charlotte, NC, chopped it up with us. That unstoppable duo steeped in the success of Faiyaz’s recently released second album Wasteland, already dominating the charts and reaching new heights for a fully independent team of artists, Baisden is working on adding a published author to its title.

Due on August 24, 2022Baisden prepares his debut book entitled The culture playbookwhich stands for Ca Oyou Lalways Teveryone us Rreal ELaw. Co-written with music/culture journalist Yohance “Yoh” Kyles (All Hip Hop, DJ Booth), Baisden aims to educate and empower artists by breaking down everything from finances to cultural capital, and gives an exclusive look at how he and Brent exited a record deal with a quarter-million dollar advance. Instead, they chose independence and have since built a multi-million dollar company – Lost Children LLC and Special Global LLC. They are the blueprint for the system that Baisden implements with his eight clients, all of whom are recording artists. Just like Faiyaz, each artist has their own LLC, along with day, general or co-managers. Process called Equity Partnership Ecosystem.

With The culture playbook, Baisden shares meticulous details about the major label system, royalties, creative independence, the value and ownership of black art, and more. The book was originated from a series of articles where Yoh interviews Ty to break into the music industry while maintaining your sanity and well-being.

Native of Atlanta Ty Baisden has mastered the art of marketing independent talent superbly. A graduate of Georgia State University with a Masters in Sports Management, Baisden is a co-founder of Culture Holdings where he cultivates an environment to develop independent talent into business owners capable of running a global business. Stands for “Can our leverage teach us real equity” Colture is a method he developed for women and black creatives to manifest sustainable wealth and independence. The pioneer artist of Baisden’s unique business methods, Brent Fiayazhas earned RIAA 4x Platinum booth and a GRAMMY award while owning his own masters and never signed to a major label. Baisden’s list also includes GRAMMY-winning producer Nascent and numerous emerging artists such as Tre’ Amani, Kalisway and others; along with business development artist/songwriter Bibi Bourelly and Malcolm Mays.

Biasden has grown his tactics into a multi-million dollar business and now plans to share his vast knowledge with others in the form of his manifesto The culture playbook, developed with renowned journalists Jo Phillips. This combines the lessons he’s learned through his multiple successful artist partnerships, working with GRAMMY-winning and multi-platinum artists and producers. The forward-thinking leader has built a proven pipeline for creatives to create property-driven art, grow their business while protecting their intellectual property and treating them as founders in their careers. His independent publisher, Cowboys & Piratesaims to “Enabling, training and developing our talents in the right way.”

Watch our latest interview with Ty below:

Interview Highlights:

How are you.

The Discovery of Brent Fiyaz.

The title of the wasteland.

Favorite tracks away from the wasteland.

Advice he gives to budding artists.

Top 5 Rappers.

His sports agency’Culture Holdings’.

What people should expect from the upcoming book The Culture Playbook.

Goals for the rest of 2022.

What RESPECT. means to him.

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