From Gray Daze to Linkin Park: The Story of Chester Bennington’s Long, Hard Road to Success – Louder | WHs Answers

It was the mid-1990s and Chester Bennington was in a math class at Arizona State University. He wasn’t a college student — quite the opposite in fact. By that time he had dropped out of high school to focus on his band Gray Daze, and with no job to keep him busy, he accompanied his roommate and bandmate, drummer Sean Dowdell, to classes day in and day out. Hell, he would even take the exams for fun.

“My math class was so big, there were 400 to 500 people in it,” Sean recalls. “They handed out tests to everyone in the line and it wasn’t like he could say, ‘I’m not enrolled in this course,’ so he took the test and bombed badly.”

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