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Welcome to DNF duel, a new title from Arc Systems Works and 8ing, the teams behind it Guilty Gear: Make an effort and Marvel vs. Capcom 3rd DNF duel combines the best of both studios into one epic fighting game. It features all of the bombastic animations and easy-to-learn mechanics that were made Guilty Gear: Make an effort a success and it is an adaptation of dungeon fighter online, known in South Korea as Dungeons & Fighters (DNF)a popular MMO role-playing game that is one of the highest-grossing games of all time.

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Similar to im Guilty Gear: Make an effort, There are many introductory mechanics to understand here. Once players get a grip on the basics, combos are the most important tools to master. Each character has multiple pre-assigned combos available, detailed in the tutorial, giving players plenty of freedom to experiment and create their own combos. The possibilities are almost endless, but here are the key combos to master early on. Many thanks to Youtuber Daryus P for some of these (and many, many more) DNF duel combinations.

9 Easy > Medium > Dexterity > Magic (all characters)

This is the most basic combo sequence in the game and a perfect starting point for players trying to combine their character’s many abilities into an advanced sequence. This chain applies to all characters.

Obviously combos in DNF duel are more complicated than a simple four button progression, but they all follow this basic formula. For example, a combo that starts with a medium attack should continue with a skill attack instead of reverting to light attacks. There are exceptions, but as a rule of thumb, this is the most reliable attack order to fall back on.

8th Medium > Down+Skill > Down+Forward+Magic > Magic (Troubleshooter)

Troubleshooter is one of the more beginner-friendly characters in DNF duel. Both his sword and weapon attacks have long range, he hits hard, and the time delay of his grenades allows for some great mix-ups where an opponent might think their combo is over.

This chain starts with a shot from the Troubleshooter’s shotgun (Medium), followed by a sword swing that throws the opponent into the air (Down + Skill). After that, a bottom-forward quarter circle, followed by a magic attack, unleashes two much larger, more damaging shotgun blasts that juggle the opponent (bottom + right + magic). Pressing Magic Attack a third time will fire a third shotgun blast, this being the biggest of them all.

7 Jump+Magic > Down+Mid > Magic (Troubleshooting)

The other troubleshooter combo worth memorizing is this quick three-hit sequence. It starts with a slam attack that knocks down the enemy (Leap+Magic), followed by a basic sweep attack (Down+Medium), and then ends with a two-handed swing that bounces the enemy off the ground (Magic).

What makes this combo so valuable is that it seamlessly progresses with Troubleshooter’s Awakening ability DNF duels equivalent Mortal Kombat x-ray skills. His awakening is a close-range start, and the preceding magic attack should put the enemy in a perfect position to be hit by it. This combination breaks the standard sequence listed at the beginning of this article. In this case, the sweep attack is only used to prolong the combo and ensure the opponent is vulnerable to the second Magic attack. The actual damage dealt by the sweep attack is negligible.

6 Medium > Down+Medium > Down+Agility > Magic (Berserker)

Berserker is a complex character to master due to its highly situational mechanics. However, players who become familiar with his abilities will find that he can be one of the most devastating characters in all of Europe DNF duel.

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This combo could be thought of as an intro chain to a more complex combo. However, in Berserker, different situations lead to different outcomes. It starts with a boost attack (Medium), followed by a sweep (Down+Medium), a launch attack (Down+Skill), and then activates Berserker’s Frenzy ability (Magic). Frenzy causes Berserker’s attacks to do more damage at the cost of slowly depleting his health. Once his frenzy is activated, his magic attacks will change. In this case, performing the combo once and then repeating it after activating Frenzy will cause Berserker to perform a pull move, pulling his opponent closer to him. This allows him to follow with more combinations.

5 Medium > Magic > Magic > Back+Agility > Down+Back+Magic (Spirit Blade)

Ghostblade is another tricky character to get to grips with. His ability to summon a “ghost” to fight alongside him can result in some devastating combos, but players will need to balance their attacks with the spirits for greater impact.

This combo starts with a horizontal slash (Medium), followed by a long range throw (Magic) and a long slash mirrored by the spirit (Magic). After this lunge, the player lands behind their opponent. The next attack in the combo is a backslash (Back+Skill) that ends with them facing their opponent again. Then a bottom-back quarter circle in a Magic attack unleashes the Ghost for three consecutive hits (Down + Back + Magic) while Ghostblade looks on like a total badass.

4 Down+Skill > Back+Skill > Down+Forward+Magic > Magic (Hitman)

Hitman’s concept is based on deadly simplicity. His combos are almost effortless to perform and deal a ton of damage. What makes him difficult to play is how critical positioning can be to his effectiveness.

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This combo starts with a two-hit attack where the second hit is a start (Down + Skill), followed immediately by a slam that knocks the opponent back to the ground (Back + Skill). The first two-hit attack must be performed when Hitman is right next to his opponent, or the launch will not be connected. After the ensuing slam, a bottom-forward quarter-circle with Magic Attack results in a giant horizontal slash (Down+Forward+Magic), and a second press of Magic results in a second massive vertical slash that acts as a launch.

3 Ability > Down+Forward+Magic (Lost Warrior)

Lost Warrior has gotten a bad rap. Considered by many to be the game’s worst character, he can be difficult to use outside of training and CPU battles, largely due to the way his attacks send him flying across the stage.

That’s one of the reasons this combo is so easy, but it’s also one of Lost Warrior’s most important ones. Start with a standard skill attack, which is a forward lunge with the Prodigal Warrior’s Sword (Skill), then follow down with a quarter circle and magic attack. This causes multiple swords to be summoned from portals to stab the opponent (Down + Forward + Magic).

The trick here is that the lunge attack carries players past their opponent, causing them to want to make the mental switch to forward, which is now going in the opposite direction of their opponent. In this case, this switch will mess up the combo. For the quarter circle, rotate forward in the same direction as the lunge, even though the opponent may be in the opposite direction. It’s confusing, but it works.

2 Ability > Down+Forward+Magic > Down+Dexterity > Down+Forward+Magic (Crusader)

On the other end of the spectrum, Crusader is one of the game’s strongest characters. He’s a bit slow but hits like a truck, and his Grace Of Lemidios ability allows him to take a hit with greatly reduced damage. He’s also perhaps one of the best zoning characters ever put into a fighting game.

This combination is a perfect example. Crusader starts with a downward swipe with his hammer (Skill) and can then activate his Deflection Wall with a bottom-forward quarter-circle and Magic Attack (Down+Forward+Magic). This ability allows him to place a corner wall behind his opponent and when bumped into it bounces back at Crusader. Follow that up with an Uppercut starting attack (Down + Skill) and another Deflection Wall, and players can trap opponents in a tiny section of the arena while dishing out attacks.

1 Down+Medium > Down+Agency (Crusader)

Here’s a cheap one for the players who just want to drive their opponents crazy. Crusader has an infinite combo. It will likely be patched soon, so enjoy it while it’s available.

This can be activated from within any Crusader combo, including those listed above. All it requires is for players to hit their opponent with a low medium attack (Down+Medium) while the opponent is airborne to knock them down. They need to land close enough that Crusader is basically overhead. Then just use Sacred Upper (Down + Skill) repeatedly until they’re dead. There are only a few seconds left to catch them before they recover, but button-pressing will work just fine.

DNF duel was released on June 28, 2022 and is available for PS4, PS5 and PC.

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