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Exercising at the gym or at home can get boring and monotonous; You should try dance training instead. Did you know that a hip hop dance workout can be an effective total body workout? Because it’s such an intense form of physical activity, you can burn tons of calories while still grooving to the beat.


It’s easy to find dance training options online these days, and YouTube is especially great as almost all of the videos are free to watch! Be sure to try these nine hip hop dance workouts.

You won’t find a Tabata class more entertaining than this one. Instructor Keaira LaShae walks you through a selection of modified dance moves that will have you sweating in minutes. The class consists of some intense hip-hop moves like twerk leg jumps and jump squat leg raises.

For more great and fun ways to get in shape, check out Keaira’s own YouTube channel, MOVE Fitness. Newbies, you might look a little silly doing these hip hop moves, but luckily you can do them from the comfort of your own home!

Grab your water bottle and towel because you’re going to get a sweat in this hip hop workout class. This 30 minute workout targets your glutes and core but is extremely fun and the dance choreography is spot on.

If you’re looking for more hip hop fitness workouts that are 20-40 minutes long, you can visit Mike Peele’s YouTube channel.

Always remember that you don’t have to be a professional dancer to take these classes; just bring some energy, a positive attitude and a good time.

This workout gets you feeling your body on fire, but in a good way. 25 minutes is all it takes to have loads of fun in this class, so much fun you won’t mind breaking a sweat.

You don’t have to use fancy exercise equipment or be a professional dancer to join. Just enjoy moving and grooving to your favorite hip-hop beats from top artists like Usher, Rihanna and Beyonce.

YouTube channel Tara’s Body also has other great dance training videos like Reggaeton, Samba and AfroDance tutorials.

This hip hop dance class is perfect for you if you hate going to the gym and prefer an alternative training method. Certified fitness trainer Emily guides you through each movement and offers low-impact options as well.

This one might be a little different, but it’s still fun as you’ll be bouncing around to old-school hip-hop beats like Tupac’s California Love and Young MC’s Bust a Move. If you can’t keep up with the hip hop moves, try something else from the EMKFIT YouTube channel. A wide range of videos are available, e.g. B. Lower body and core workouts as well as a fun K-pop dance workout.

Do you like to dance but are too shy to do it in front of others? Join Mana Ikeda and do this high-energy dance workout in your living room without feeling uncomfortable. The workout lasts only 18 minutes and is suitable for all fitness levels, whether beginner or professional.

The STEEZY YouTube channel is essentially your ultimate online guide to dancing. Here you can train in a fun and effective way, be it a Latin inspired dance workout or a hype dance workout.

If you’re looking for a short and sweet dance workout that’s perfect for beginners, then this is for you. The video is less than five minutes long, so you can schedule a quick session before or after work, or even during your lunch break.

You will enjoy this workout because it is straightforward and easy to follow. The hip hop moves are all pretty relaxed, like syncopated jumps and slow slaps.

If you don’t get the hang of it the first time, don’t give up. Try the same workout again or check out Danielle’s YouTube Fitness & Dance playlist.

This quick, 15-minute workout provides a fun hip-hop routine to help you get fit while learning some cool choreography along the way.

One of the finest dance teachers and choreographers, Gandalf Archer Mills, breaks down every move so you can perform every move correctly. Gandalf is full of energy and provides simple instructions that make it easy for you even if you have no dance experience.

Check out Les Mills’ YouTube channel for the best dance workouts and dance teachers. Alternatively, visit the Les Mills website to subscribe to LES MILLS+ for a free trial and access to thousands of amazing training videos.

Sport shouldn’t be boring, but sometimes it can be. If you’re tired of online walking classes or indoor bike workouts, try this lively 15-minute hip hop dance workout.

Instructor Brandon definitely keeps you motivated throughout the lesson. Also, he encourages you to have fun instead of focusing too much on getting all the moves perfectly right.

Be sure to visit the 305 Fitness website for a 3-day free trial and access to a huge library of different workout classes.

Dancing is not only exciting; it gets your creative juices flowing. And now it’s possible to get off the couch and have an intense dance session without leaving home.

This workout by Kyra Pro is just plain fun. In class, you can sing and dance to some of the queens of rap and hip-hop like Lizzo, Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott. Additionally, the moves are simple enough to do regardless of your skill level. However, don’t be fooled; The workout will make your muscles burn.

Visit Kyra Pro’s YouTube channel for a range of amazing dance workout playlists ranging from beginner to advanced.

Do these high-energy hip hop dance workouts without going to the gym

Exercising at home gets old very quickly, especially if you’ve been doing the same routine for a long time. Adding one of these fun hip dance workouts to your weekly workout session can provide a much-needed mood boost.

The best part about these hip hop dance workouts on YouTube is that they are all completely free. So forget the gym fees, let loose and work up a sweat!

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