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House Flipper is a cool simulation game that lets you do handyman jobs, clean messy houses and decorate to your heart’s content. It fills the same niche as Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Sims 4 by allowing you to do everything with the interior design, since you get empty house shells that you can flip for profit without having to face the disadvantages and risks of giving thousands from real dollars for furniture, appliances and floors – without doing the physical labor involved in flipping houses.

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However, House Flipper is pretty hands-off when it comes to the flipping part of the game. You’ll get a basic understanding of how to use your tools, but once you’ve bought a house to flip it you’re on your own. Because of this, there are a few things that might not be as obvious to a beginner, but once you’re a pro at the game, you’ll use all or most of these tips and tricks to your advantage.


While it might not be the most stylish user interface, House Flipper’s diegetic user interface (a tablet you carry around) is certainly a nice touch. What’s not so nice is that you have to navigate the store for every piece of equipment you need to buy for a job, especially if you’re not good at remembering where each item is. Fortunately, House Flipper has a time saver.

Instead of having to search the store for your radiators and similar gadgets, you can just click on the item right in the task menu and it will open the store page where you can buy the item. This trick is great for saving time and can come in handy for those who want to get the “Complete as soon as possible” achievement, which requires completing an order in a minute or less.

6 Change jobs without penalty

House Flipper lets you take on multiple jobs at once, which is great for job simulator fans, but it doesn’t make it very obvious that you don’t need to mark one job as complete if you want to switch to another. For those trying to earn the Perfectionist achievement, this can be a great way to take a break from a current job without worrying about starting over.

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So how do you change jobs without a final penalty? Simple, just walk out of the house you work in, go to the front gate and click on it. This allows you to choose between going to one of your other active quests or properties, or back to your office where you can take a new job or buy a new property to flip.

5 Speed ​​up assembly

As you work to repair or replace equipment, your next step will be highlighted to show you the order in which to go. But did you know you can ignore this? Ignoring this can actually make the job a lot easier, as is the case with socket repairs.

If you’re working on an outlet and have one of three wires highlighted, just leave that wire until last. If you then connect it, you can do all the screws at once. If you do the highlighted wire first, you’ll have to do the screws and wires one at a time, so it’s less of a hassle overall to just do all the wires at once and then all the screws at once. This trick can also be used for other assembly processes of devices, e.g. B. connecting pipes to a sink or driving screws.

4 Use gravity to your advantage

Despite all the decorating freedom that House Flipper gives you, a problem many professional decorators run into is pieces of furniture that you can’t place items on. Maybe you’ve decided to put a cute stool in the corner of the room to put a plant on it, or maybe you’re using the older stove model and want to put a kettle on it, but the game just won’t let you.

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This is where gravity comes into play. It can be a bit tricky to line it up correctly, but you can use stacks of books or tables to place the decorative item over the piece of furniture you want it on and then remove the stacks of books or table and drop the item inside Place. Thanks for the help, physical laws!

3 Keep a natural brick look

A piece of advice for those who are fans of an exposed brick wall: do not upgrade the “Masonry” perk. Under Build Skill, the Bricklayer perk seems like a good investment as the last upgrade offered reduces the cost of building walls by 50 percent, but consider whether the cost of losing the natural brick look is worth it.

If you upgrade the Mason perk once, all the walls you built will already be painted, but you can never go back to the bare bricks that the unpainted walls have. While there are a few faux brick options in the wallpaper catalogue, they just can’t compare to the textured, less glossy version of unpainted brick that newly built walls naturally have.

2 Get creative with custom images

House Flipper gives you the opportunity to set custom images as elements that you can use to decorate to add a little something extra to the houses you flip. While not required for gameplay, it can be a fun way to explore different ideas and get creative with decor, and is similar to using custom themes in Animal Crossing.

A fun trick you can use custom images for is to simulate windows with an interesting view. Another way to use custom images is to add fake wall hangings like calendars, mirrors, or chalkboards. You can even add minecraft paintings if you want to go wild and build a games themed house.

1 Use ladders to get to high places

One of the most frustrating things is when the minimap shows you dirt on the outside of a house that you want to flip, but your hose can’t reach it because it’s near the roof. Removing this dirt can make all the difference when it comes to which buyer gets the home. Therefore, it is important for successful hunters to know what level of cleanliness each buyer prefers.

Luckily, there’s a solution to this problem that the game doesn’t tell you directly. You can search for scaffolding in the shop menu to get a ladder and a surface to stand on, making reaching the rooftops a breeze. Scaffolding can also come in handy when decorating interiors with high walls, making it a useful tool to have on hand. If only there was a ladder as the tool given to you by default.

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