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Speaking to Firstpost, Vicky Manhas said: “I have never received any coaching or joined an academy. I’m a self-taught artist who trained in audio editing and sound recording through YouTube tutorials.’

Bikram Singh Manhas, a 28-year-old rapper from Chenab Valley, Doda, has become a household name in the region for his brilliant singing talent. Manhas is known by his nickname Vicky Manhas in his hometown of Thathri, Doda.

At a time when Punjabi rap has taken the lead over the other languages, Manhas sings “Bhaderwahi” in his local language to promote it. Manhas started his journey in 2015 when he released his first Bhaderwahi rap song “One the Road”. Manhas was surprised by the public’s support and response. “When I recorded my first song, I never thought people would like or listen to my song because there are so many,” Manhas told Firstpost.

In his first rap, Vicky focused on his lifestyle, personal life and culture.

At that time he didn’t have a platform to share his song with people. The only source he had was WhatsApp. He shared his first song with his friends and relatives via WhatsApp in his hometown and within no time he was receiving appreciation calls from his relatives, friends and even the people he didn’t know.

“To be honest I was amazed at the public reaction, to get such an overwhelming response to a song that focused mostly on my personal life was surprising,” Manhas said

Speaking to Firstpost, Manhas said, “I never received any coaching or joined an academy. I’m a self-taught artist who trained in audio editing and sound recording through YouTube tutorials.”

Became a rapper by accident.

Before Manhas pursued the singing profession, there was a great tragedy behind Manhas’ journey: “At first I wasn’t serious about my profession until I met a tragedy that still haunts me inside”.

“Although I have had a passion for singing since childhood, it was the death of my brother that forced me to take this field seriously. In 2014, when I was in sixth grade, my brother died in a traffic accident. When we checked his phone after his death, it only had the songs he was listening to. The incident impacted me a lot and I’ve committed to fulfilling my brother’s dream of becoming a rapper,” Manhas said.

Initially, Manhas started his career creating rap audios and after a few years he created his Youtube channel where he started uploading his songs and sharing them on social media. Currently, Manhas has over 350,000 views while his videos have few views on other channels. He also has thousands of followers on his Facebook page. Now, Manhas songs are not only limited to YouTube, Amazon and various other streaming platforms, but are also sung at the local wedding and birthday celebrations.

To date, Manhas has released almost forty songs in different languages ​​while his main focus has remained on Bhaderwahi, his native language Manhas. His super hit songs in Bhaderwahi language are “On road ” or “Pahadi Jawala” or “Bhaderwahi mashup.

Manhas is the only child of his parents. Originally from Thathri village in Doda district, Manhas managed his time between a business and playing music in his small makeshift studio in his bedroom. The death of his brother forced him to leave his postgraduate course in management halfway through to take care of his family. But under these circumstances, he did not let his passion die. Manhas, father of an 11-month-old daughter, learned to compose and edit songs through YouTube tutorials.

“I come from a place where there is no music school where I can learn to compose beats or edit videos. I just watched YouTube tutorials and it was hard to practice at first, but after a while I bought some instruments so I could at least try them properly. It would have cost me at least five lakhs rupees to learn that from a school outside my region,” Manhas said.

Some links of his musical.

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He currently has around 60 videos on his YouTube channel which mainly contains Bhaderwahi rap songs including Pahadi and Hindi rap songs. Manhas has more than five thousand subscribers on YouTube and about four thousand followers on Facebook.

focus on local things.

Manhas mainly raps about the local lifestyle and culture in its songs. Curiously, more than any other aspect of Jammu and Kashmir, the Bhaderwahi language bears a striking resemblance to the culture of neighboring Himachal Pradesh.

According to Manhas, in most cases, Himachali music can be heard on every truck or minibus. This prompted Manhas to establish connections with several Pahadi artists in Himachal Pradesh. His next song is a collaboration with Rajesh Tyagi, a singer from Sirmur in Himachal Pradesh. The song aims to restore a connection between Bhaderwahi and Himachali cultures.

In September 2020, Parliament passed the Jammu and Kashmir Official Languages ​​Bill, making Hindi, Kashmir and Dogri the official languages ​​of the Union Territory. The people of the Chenab Valley felt discouraged as none of the Chenab languages ​​were declared an official language, which is a crossroads of several languages ​​in Jammu and Kashmir. Manhas is also trying to draw government attention to this fading language through its music.

financial crisis

Though Manhas is held in high esteem, few know what he is going through. He invests his hard-earned money, time and energy into his job and is not yet making money from his work, but he hopes the time is not far off when he will start making money from his talent.

But for Manhas, the road ahead is fraught with challenges. “I belong to a region where there aren’t many opportunities for me to develop my talent here,” he said. This fact motivated Manhas to decide to use social media and video sharing sites to bring his music to a wider audience.

He stressed, “I want my region to catch the attention of government officials and tourists to get a taste of our culture and area so that they come here too,” he added.

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