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The sun is getting brighter every day and summer is finally here! Swimming is the fourth most popular recreational sport in the United States, where 36% of children ages 7 to 17 and 15% of adults swim at least 6 times a year, according to the CDC.

With everyone looking forward to getting back into the pools to brave the heat, it’s going to be a very busy season for pool facilities!

It’s exciting when a swimming facility expands its customer base and grows its business. This also brings challenges for a swimming facility to keep up with the accelerated pace and a greater responsibility to ensure an experience that keeps them coming back.

Here’s how your pool can better prepare for a busy summer:

  1. Look back to plan ahead
  2. Equip security and training
  3. Revise the budget
  4. Hire extra help
  5. Level Up Management
  6. Host new events

1. Look back to Plan Ahead

Swimming has always been a popular activity among both children and adults. Anticipating a boom this summer, an establishment can draw inspiration from past years to prepare for the new season. Go through your past business plans to analyze your big wins and shortcomings.

Review your program calendar with swim coaches to improvise and develop engaging programs that follow current trends and encourage coaches and swimmers to achieve their goals. Find out which strategies worked best for you and which didn’t during the previous peak season and use them to create improved course programs to keep clients hooked. Make intelligent decisions using past experience as a pillar to help plan for the upcoming season.

2. Equip security and training

An increase in customers is inviting beginners and people who have lost touch with swimming. At a busy swimming facility, without a formal safety training update, the likelihood of an accident can skyrocket, putting customers and your facility at risk.

According to a May 2012 Sports Health study, 40% to 91% of swimming injuries occur in the shoulders. Taking preventative measures by repeating training for swim coaches, evaluating facilities infrastructure to address possible causes of damage, and replacing faulty equipment, the facility will ensure a safe environment suitable for a larger crowd.

In a swimming facility, proper CPR training is critical for all team members. It is mandatory for all swimming coaches and lifeguards, but other staff should also be equipped with life-saving emergency training. If your facility offers swimming classes for babies and toddlers, a special emphasis on basic baby CPR must also be included in the training session.

A review of all equipment will help identify the key maintenance changes the facility needs to make to keep all swimmers safe and healthy.

3. Revise the budget

All the maintenance and preparation for expanding your customer base means facilities need to invest more in their business. But don’t let that burn a hole in your pocket. This is the perfect opportunity to analyze finances and find out how peak season changes are affecting spending. Whether it’s filter changes or changing room maintenance, identifying the additional costs will help the facility prioritize budget allocation and prevent their wallets from taking an astronomical hit.

4. Hire additional help

As your pool complex attracts more and more customers, your attention will be widened to include all new activities. Hiring additional staff for the peak season will help the facility run all operations smoothly and with improved efficiency. An extra pair of hands keeps the system stable during peak hours so you can focus on the big picture.

Aside from hiring lifeguards and swim coaches, the facility may also benefit from summer volunteers for administration and operations, cleaners, janitors, or freelancers to meet the facility’s unique needs.

Streamlining your processes with technology to manage planning and maintenance streamlines your facility’s operations. A pool reservation system takes care of every aspect, giving customers the freedom to book any slot as they please.

A pool reservation system like Omnify takes care of all your capacity management and booking needs. Every facility has unique challenges, whether it’s creating customizable slots to manage crowds, setting a limit on bookings, or tracking detailed reports on occupancy and cancellations, Omnify makes managing your facility easy and convenient, freeing you to potential avoid headaches.

5. Level Up Management

When your pool facility welcomes new swimmers, swim coaches, and staff, it’s harder to keep track of everything at all times. The facility needs to implement a methodical approach to face the chaos.

Even with an influx of swimmers, the capacity of the pool remains the same. Keep all prospects by creating or changing your schedule to add more slots/classes. A slight change in allotted time or an increase in operating hours to accommodate more classes means that everyone has the opportunity to attend the facility.

In a busy environment, it’s important to remember the importance of customer service. This is the time for setting up to make a lasting impression on the new customers. Focus on maintaining a high quality of service in the facility with proper management tools such as pool reservation software.

6. Host new events

During the hot summer, your facility is busy like a bee. It’s the perfect time to focus on interacting with your customers. Expand your services to host fun activities and create a deeper bond between your clients and the swim instructors. All of the fond memories made at the facility will help the swim facility retain customers well after the summer and build a larger swim community in your area.

Some events that the facility may host next include:

  • Weekly swim meet
  • A local swimming championship with individual and team competitions
  • A special celebration for the 4th of July
  • Parent-Child Swim Race
  • Seminars and special courses for advanced swimmers


Summer is just around the corner and your swimming facility is in the spotlight. Prepare for your busiest season yet and take your business to the next level. Make the most of your facility to offer your customers the best amenities and strengthen the swimming community to keep your customers well into the summer.

As your pool facility prepares for summer, your team may be overwhelmed at times. If you want to ensure your team or club is supported by the right tools to streamline its operations and provide the highest standards of service, Omnify offers swim schools an all-in-one solution for lesson planning and management through an intuitive and easy to use platform. To find out how Omnify would work for your operational needs, sign up for a FREE TRIAL and get started today!

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