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I’ve never been a fan of white PVC doors. I know they tick a lot of “sensible” boxes as they’re durable, safe and easy to clean, but in my opinion these practical benefits often come at the expense of aesthetics, and I can say that as the (not so proud) owner of one !

The intrusive door has been minding its own business in our kitchen for the past six years and most of the time the kitchen has also been white so it blends in pretty well and I was able to ignore it. Then came the budget kitchen remodel with grey-green cabinets, tubular peninsula structure, microcement countertops and black accents, and suddenly the dated door stuck out like a sore thumb and I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I also couldn’t justify the cost of a new door, especially since not only was there nothing wrong with that door, but it still ticked all the boxes above. There was only one thing for that… a budget makeover which if you follow my Instagram you will know a bag friendly DIY project is one of my favorite ways…

Crittall style UPVC door lights DIY

(Image credit: Claire Douglas)

How do I upgrade a PVC door?

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