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Gavin Kilduff, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, argues that true rivalry has three main components: It comes from competitors who are similar, equal, and repeatedly opposed. According to Kilduff, where these elements of true rivalry are present, a sporting event enters via the level of wins or losses or standings psychological eventwhose weight exceeds the stakes of the respective game.

For years, the Mariners lacked a true rival, largely due to their own ineptitude. I assume Kilduff uses “similar” to mean “teams chasing a pennant”; it was the Mariners similar versus other ground dwellers in their division, but not in a way that spurs any real rivalry. For the last half decade or more, the AL West have been the Astros and the AL West Singers, with the plucky A’s occasionally attempting to steal the limelight, or the Rangers riding a run-differential-assisted run to the front, or the angels .well, they pretty much always fall short despite having at least one generational talent on their list, but really, it’s Houston’s world and we’ve all lived in it, for better or for worse (for bad, always for bad).

After a despicable 1-18 draw against the Astros in 2019, the Mariners went 3-7 against Houston in 2020, losing a series 3-of-4 at Houston and being swept at Minute Maid in the next series. But in 2021, the Mariners improved that to 8-11 against Houston despite going just 3-7 at MMP, and maintained that building’s reputation as the Mariners’ “house of horrors.” However, the Mariners face the Astros tomorrow after beating Houston 6-6 in 2022. After being swept in Houston earlier this season, they rebounded and won a series in Houston in early June while playing tough at home against the Astros.

Make no mistake: the AL West is currently passing through Houston. But with the extended playoff format and other teams [stares in Chicago White Sox] It appears that despite the AL East’s ongoing slugfest, the AL West may be able to field two teams post-season. For a while it looked like the Angels, the team of two generational talents, would join the Division in 2022; then the joker, then nothing. Rangers, who have slashed a small country’s GDP on the back of two high-profile acquisitions in Semien and the smaller Seager, also appeared to be in the mix but have fallen flat. The Mariners have bounced back from a dead May/June in recent weeks and have become baseball’s hottest team. And suddenly their record against the Astros looks a lot more like two teams that are similare.gwell matchedand often compete against each other. A rivalry, some might say.

But don’t take our word for it; Take the fact that Astros appear to be fans [Mean Girls voice] why-are-you-so-obsessed-with-the-Mariners while also being vocal about how much they really don’t care, to the point that one player currently on the IL felt the need felt to express himself :

Siri, how do you make Melania’s “Whatever” jacket a tweet? Of course there is more this Astros fan crazy the Mariners were [checks notes] dance and have fun while celebrating a win, not against their team (they’ve gone into space, don’t worry), or This convinced that Scott Servais is an unquoted ass clownas well as the constant insane buffoonery of Astros Rants, an account that argues more effectively than any other for Twitter to be completely off the internet and thrown into the next ocean. The Astros hear hoofbeats it seems?

The Mariners are, of course, lagging behind the Astros, as is mostly the case in baseball, but there are a few key components that cement the rivalry as it is. Most important, of course, are their star rookies: Astros fans are understandably proud of Jeremy Peña, who rose from relative obscurity to become one of baseball’s brightest youngsters but was recently outplayed by rising superstar and AL ROY leader Julio Rodriguez. We’re fresh from an All-Star week that saw the injured Peña sit at home but Julio took the baseball world by storm and invited all Astros fans on to cry about it. The Astros have the lead in every other area, from lineup to bullpen to pitching, and are behind only the world’s top Yankees in most categories, but the Mariners have been there with them lately, tracking their steps while themselves the gaps between the haves and have-not teams also began to widen in this extended playoff format. This makes Astros fans very angry! But it’s very good for baseball.

If the Mariners are able to play at the level of the Astros long enough to become rivals, in the words of Billy Shakes, keep playing. Nothing could be better for baseball. i love rivalry I want players from opposing fan bases to hate each other enough to engage in impromptu rap battles, Teen Witch style. I want a 14 year old to teach himself Adobe After Effects only to take an enemy player’s head and blow it up like the Death Star after a key attack. Let’s get some new blood in here. The Yankees-Red Sox rivalry has emphysema from being exposed to smoke for so long, but there’s no good equivalent on the West Coast, the Dodgers giants notwithstanding. Rob Manfred was supposed to be in the bowels of the New Jersey megamansion he shared with Dr. Oz shares, constantly finding burner accounts with names like “AstrosBlastoff109876” and “RefuseToLooooz1995” and sending them into the Twitter dotcom arena to fight like battlebots. For in a true rivalry, as Professor Kilduff argues, the struggle at hand takes on psychological weight. Matches may count equally in the standings, but there’s something bigger at play against a hated rival. The Mariners might finally be ready to step up onto that stage, worthy of the rivals they face. Keywords, “could be” – the Mariners have something to prove before they can be considered as such similar to the Astros, and this weekend they have the opportunity to do so. Please please please don’t screw it up guys. I’m halfway through this Adobe for Dummies book.

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