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Red Dead Redemption 2 Players can design outfits for Arthur Morgan based on their playstyle and fashion sense, but some looks suit the character better than others. Realistically, there are some outfits that Arthur would and would not wear. Finally, unlike Dutch, Arthur isn’t an elaborate dresser and cares more about functionality than looks, so he may not wear suits or flashy accessories everywhere.

There are two types of Red Dead Redemption 2 Player when it comes to fashion designs and choices. The first type are those who take their time dressing Arthur in the fanciest and most elaborate outfits, while the second type are those who leave Arthur in simple clothes and let him run around dirty. There’s nothing wrong with these players’ outfits, but it does raise the question of which outfits Arthur Morgan would fit better in RDR2 because of his character.


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Premade Outfits are available in stores everywhere Red Dead Redemption 2, but some players like to design their own outfits. There are different climate zones in Rockstar’s Wild West, so Arthur doesn’t wear the same outfit everywhere. He has warm clothes for snowy weather, an outfit for a hot region and an outfit for cool days. There’s also a chance he has outfits for various activities, like working in the warehouse or robbing trains.

Realistic RDR2 Outfits for Arthur Morgan – Legendary Bear Coat

Though Arthur Morgan isn’t a flashy dressmaker, he would wear the iconic bear coat in cold climates. The bear is one of Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary animals found throughout the open world. One of the reasons this jacket is so popular is because the mission that unlocks the legendary bear is the “Exit Pursued By A Bruised Ego” hunt mission, which Arthur accompanies Hosea on. The coat is not only popular because of its mission, but because it is stylish.

The length of the legendary bear coat is similar to the duster coat, but the fur detail along the front of the coat’s neckline is appealing. While the fur detail might seem too prominent, the rest of the coat is given a distressed look that suits Arthur’s style. This coat matches the rest of the bear outfit which features a bear hat. The legendary bear coat also pairs well with Arthur’s shirts, pants and boots.

The Duster Coat from Red Dead Redemption 2 suits Arthur perfectly

The Duster Coat is another popular coat that players will wear Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s an iconic western coat that many cowboys and outlaws commonly wear in western movies and shows. While the coat isn’t overly warm, it’s nice to wear on cool or chilly days in-game.

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Aside from being useful for the weather, this is a coat Arthur might wear on dusty trails to keep his shirt clean. It comes in multiple colors so it pairs well with whatever color scheme the player likes. However, Arthur would likely wear a brown duster coat or a navy blue one if his original outfits were present Red Dead Redemption 2 are all off.

What Red Dead Redemption 2 shirts does Arthur look best in

Another possible outfit Arthur could wear is a simple shirt and pants combo, which works well for hot areas of the game. if RDR2‘s Arthur Morgan had missions in New Austin, a shirt and pant combo would have been perfect for this weather. His default outfit is the blue shirt, there are other color options that players can choose from. From a light blue shirt to solid black shirts to patterned shirts, there are many options for Arthur. Another good reason for the shirt and pant combo is that it’s great for hotter in-game climates.

Transform Arthur into a brawler with this RDR2 outfit

The Brawler Outfit is a pre-made outfit that unlocks Red Dead Redemption 2 after completing the story mission “Eastward Bound”. It features a black union shirt, suspenders and brown trousers tucked into boots. However, since this outfit is so simple, it is easy for players to recreate it in a different color with different accessories.

While Arthur relies on pistols and revolvers Red Dead Redemption 2, he’s no stranger to a fistfight. In fact, one of his first visits to Valentine’s leads to a fistfight that ends up in the middle of the street. So maybe he has an outfit for physical fights. The player can change the color of the Union shirt and shorts, but something dark might be worn to hide bloodstains.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – The perfect outlaw outfit for Arthur Morgan

When Arthur commits a crime, like robbing a train or strangers, he usually pulls up his bandana to cover his face. However, it would make sense for Arthur to have an entire outfit just for one crime. The perfect outfit for committing a crime is an all black outfit, perhaps with a black duster coat. An outfit for a crime will also look good with the bandit accessories that are rewarded Red Dead Redemption 2 Bandit Challenges are complete.

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The Bandit Bandolier, Bandit Holster, Bandit Off Holster and Bandit Gun Belt are all black. They go well with most outfits, but also serve as a reminder of Arthur’s occupation in Red Dead Redemption 2. If Arthur changed his belt and holsters, he would probably use these.

RDR2 – The best clothes for Arthur in Saint Denis

Arthur is not a fancy man or dresser Red Dead Redemption 2, but there are several missions in the game that require Arthur to put on a suit and attend a fancy event. He looks out of place at these events and in the suit, but if Arthur would willingly wear a smart outfit, it would have to be a functional one. The jacket that best fits this description is the shotgun jacket.

While the Shotgun Coat is one of the most ornate coats, it may not be enough to keep Mary and Arthur Morgan together RDR2. However, the mantle is capable of hiding a shotgun in an inside pocket. Pairing the shotgun coat with some of the fancier pants, hats, and shirts can enhance Arthur’s appearance in Red Dead Redemption 2. The ornate detail in the coat combined with the shotgun pouch makes this a dependable coat for Arthur to wear to fancy events.

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