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Springfield Country Club’s Kieran Phelan had another big day in the pool.

A week after he broke the seven-year-old team record in the under-12 backstroke, Phelan set a new personal best of 35.53 on Saturday and helped the SCC defeat Broomall’s Lake 248-224 in a Delco Swim League meeting.

Phelan (12U medley, backstroke, relay), Nora Ferguson (8U breaststroke, freestyle, relay), Anna McLaughlin (10U butterfly, breaststroke, free relay), Olivia Chiang (10U backstroke, breaststroke, 12U free relay) , Cassi Solt (12U backstroke, freestyle, freerelay) and Caleb Chiang (12U butterfly, freestyle, freerelay) all went home as triple winners for the SCC.

Broomall’s Lake was led by Morgan Peterson (14U backstroke breaststroke free relay), Ruby Schnelm (14U individual medley butterfly freestyle), Riley Viner (14U butterfly freestyle free relay), Sabella Savlino (18U individual medley breaststroke free relay ), Sofia Savlino (18U butterfly, freestyle, free relay) and Beppe Tangerra (18U butterfly, freestyle, free relay).

In other Delco League meets:

Briarcliffe 307, Folcroft 148 >> Surprise, surprise: Addyson Despeaux set another record, this time a Briarcliffe pool mark in the 14U butterfly (30.41) which had stood since 1998. Despeaux also won behind and free.

Other triple winners: Charlotte Mariotti (8U backstroke free relay), Max Walkowiak (10U backstroke free relay), Natalie Dougherty (12U IM breaststroke relay), Ava Perry (12U fly free relay), Greyson Burke ( 12U IM, fly, free), Michael Seeger (14U IM, back, breaststroke), Ava Despeaux (18U fly, breaststroke, relay), Jeff Travers (18U IM, backstroke, relay) and Josh Travers (18U IM, free, relay ). Ella Zetek (8U back, free, relay) was accidentally left out of last week’s treble winners list for Briarcliffe.

Taylor Macauley won the 10U fly, breast and relay for Folcroft.

Ridley Township 243, Springfield 232 >> Ridley Township’s Brody and Hunter Zimmerman each set team and group records. Brody reached the mark in the 8U butterfly stroke while Hunter made history in the 12U backstroke. Rori Kennedy broke the RT team record in the 14U backstroke.

Ava Christie set a billiards record in the 18U butterfly for her visit to Springfield. Triple winners were Christie (18U IM, flying, backstroke), Michael Hugel (18U IM, flying, breaststroke) and Lydia Leddy (10U breaststroke, free, relay).

Helping Hilltop 241, Karakung 227 >> Hilltop win were Winnie Hayes (14U IM, Flying, Relay), Frankie Hayes (14U Backstroke, Free, Relay), TJ Hayes (18U IM, Free, Relay) and Kyle Given (18U Flying , back, relay).

Despite the loss, Karakung received strong performances from Eleanor Stewart (10U fly free relay), Frankie DelMastro (10U IM breaststroke relay), James Fingerhut (12U IM backstroke relay) and Sara Krissinger (18U backstroke free relay). ). ).

Knowlton 253, Creekside 186 >> Pacing Knowlton were Faith Kelly (8U backstroke free relay), Jake Amalfitano (10U fly free relay), Brendan Dougherty (12U IM, breaststroke, relay), Cassidy Ott (18U fly backstroke , relay), Madeline Ott (18U IM, free, relay), Tyler Caruso (12U fly, free, relay) and Spencer Meile (14U IM, 14U relay, 18U relay).

Noah Plunkett (18U IM, back, clear) was the only treble winner for Creekside.

Lansdowne 298, Lawrence Park 178 >> Lansdowne, who clinched their fourth straight A Division title, was beaten by three-time winners Colton Turner (12U fly, back, free), Ashley Foppa (14U IM, fly, relay), Ivie Enakhimion (14U back free relay) and Gabe Green (18U fly breaststroke relay).

Thomas Petrucci’s time of 19.33 seconds in the 8U butterfly set a pool record for host Lawrence Park. Petrucci (8U fly, breaststroke, freewheel), Briana Klock (12U fly, breaststroke, IM) and Kelsey Bianco (10U fly, freewheel, relay) were triple winners.

Riddlewood 239, Primos-Secane 99 >> Riddlewood was pushed to victory by Devyn Klineberger (8U fly, backstroke, free), Nina Woods (12U IM, backstroke, chest), Rebecca Honan (14U IM, fly, breaststroke), Gabe Honan (14U IM, back, chest), Joelle Haciek (18U IM, fly, chest) and Jacob Bartkowski (18U IM, fly, chest).

Travis Meehan (12U IM, fly, free) and Brooke Norris (12U IM, free, relay) were triple winners for Primos-Secane.

Brookhaven 299, Clifton Heights 127 >> Brookhaven assisted Owen Gallagher (12U IM, fly, relay), Lucy McClellan (14U IM, fly, free), Kara Demico (18U fly, backstroke, free), Nolan Habick (8U fly, free , relay), Sabo Graham (14U IM, breaststroke, relay), Luke Habich (24U fly, free, relay), Nick Fursman (18U IM, breaststroke, relay), Blaze Graham (18U fly, free, relay). ), Audrey Habich (12U IM, Fly, Relay) and Gabe Gallagher (12U Backstroke, Chest, Relay).

Brianna Brown (8U breaststroke, backstroke, freewheel) and Stella Pyfer (10U fly, backstroke, relay) won three events for Clifton.

Conestoga 283, Ridley Park 184 >> ‘Stoga was won by three-time winners Chase Bentley (18U IM, back, free), Reese Jones (8U fly, breaststroke, relay), Audrey Brunner (12U IM, back, relay), Maren Diebold powered (12U fly, breaststroke, relay), Liam Jones (12U fly, breaststroke, relay), Jackson Farhy (14U fly, free, relay), Dylan Feher (14U IM, breaststroke, relay), Avery Barber (18U fly, breaststroke , relay) and Kelsey Wakiyama (18U IM, free, relay).

Brayden Saunders (flying 10U, breaststroke, free) and Charlie Graziosi were tri-winners for Ridley Park. Graziosi broke an outdoor team record with a time of 33.35

district league

Caden Fiabane of Aquatic (10U backstroke, breaststroke, free), Payton Rush of Tinicum (12U IM, fly, free), Jimmy Toland of Prospect Park (14U fly, breaststroke, free) and Grace Reagan of Nassau (18U IM, breaststroke, free) were triple winners at the Championship Prelims in Tinicum on Saturday.

Drexel 249, Aquatic 116 >> In a doubles meeting Wednesday, Drexel was recognized by three-time winners Arianna Fasciocco (flying 10U, breast, clear), Sella Babaian (flying 18U, free, relay), and Sammy McCullough (flying 8U, free , relay), Brady Ring (18U breaststroke, free, relay), Aiden Griffin (12U backstroke, free, relay), Peter Certo (14U backstroke, breaststroke, relay), Kathryn Certo (14U fly, free, relay) and Ryan Moore (14U IM, flies, relays).

AJ Fioravanti (8U backstroke, breaststroke, free), Caden Fiabane (10U backstroke, breaststroke, free) and Callie Fiabane (12U IM, fly, free) were triple winners for Aquatic.

Nassau 225, Tinicum 189 >> Joey Meyer (8U breaststroke, free), Aubrey Meyer (10U breaststroke, free, relay), Liam Wettlaufer (18U breaststroke, free, relay), Grace Reagan (18U IM, breaststroke, relay) , Michael Tittermary (18U IM, backstroke, relay), Dom Geiger (10U fly, backstroke, relay) and Colin Mensack (14U fly, backstroke, free) competed in a doubles competition in Nassau on Wednesday.

Payton Rush (12U IM, fly, relay), Margaret Monaghan (14U IM, free, relay), Fiona Joyce (8U fly, free, relay), Brayden Caulder (10U fly, free, relay), Hannah Valentine (14U back, breaststroke, relay) and Ivery Potoway (12U backstroke, free, relay) showed Tinicum the way.

League of Suburbs

Luke Frattaroli (8U free relay, medley relay, fly, free) and Elizabeth Gaffney (8U free relay, medley, back, free) both won four races to help Wallingford to a 257-241 decision over Hidden Hollow.

Triple wins were achieved by Collins Burger (8U medley relay, free relay, fly), Clara Hutton (10U medley relay, free relay, breaststroke), Leon Mohr (8U medley relay, free relay, free) and Lauren Montague (10U medley relay, free relay, back) for Wallingford.

Hidden Hollow was worn by quad winners Paul Iovacchini (12U medley relay, back, breast, free relay), Siena Scungio (14U medley relay, back, fly, free relay), Tristan Barnes (14U medley relay, back, breast, free relay). , Mike Greet (18U medley relay, back, chest, free) and Dante Cholmeley-Jones (18U medley relay, back, fly, free relay). The club’s three-time winners included Keegan Barnes (10U medley relay, back, free relay), Gianni Cholmeley-Jones (10U medley relay, fly, free relay), Ryan King (12U medley relay, fly, free relay), Evie Watkins (14U medley relay , breaststroke, free relay), Ema Reiner (14U medley relay, free, free relay) and Ava McLaughlin (18U medley relay, free, free relay).

Plymouth 323, Swarthmore 171 >> Harrison Brown (8U medley relay, free relay, free, flying) was a quad winner and Owen Lapinsky (18U medley relay, free relay, breaststroke), Lauren Kapyn (18U medley relay, free relay, breaststroke) and Sydney Bergstrom (18U medley relay, free relay, free) were three-time winners for Swarthmore.

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